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ABOUT C.L.SMITH / N2it Containers

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With our family of solutions you have a one-stop, seamless experience for all your container needs, your custom bottle manufacturing, your hazardous materials testing, certification and packaging... all designed by experts with one goal in mind - to make your life easier.


Hazardous Materials Packaging.
Our division of hazmat experts can help you find the hazardous materials packaging solution that best fits your needs. HAZPlus offers custom design and stock options. Supporting UN packaging options that are designed, tested, and certified. Learn more about hazardous materials packaging with HAZPlus.

ABOUT N2it - Our Women Owned Business

Plastic Bottle Distributor | N2it Containers
Enhancing supplier diversity is a key business priority for many companies. N2it Containers, a C.L. Smith Company partner, is a wholly owned WBE and a certified WBENC. Through N2it, customers enjoy the same family of solutions offered under the C.L. Smith umbrella and gain the competitive benefit of doing business with a diverse supplier.
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UN Certifier


Our Manufacturing division runs custom bottles of various resins with many enhancements and style options for smaller quantities and shorter lead times.

Plastic Bottle Distributor

Our Container division stocks and sources thousands of general-line products, like IBC Bulk Containers and 275/330 gallon totes, all with just-in-time delivery.

UN Packaging | UN 4G

Our Hazardous Materials Packaging Manufacturing division offers turn-key service to ensure compliance: design, testing, certification and manufacturing.

Bottle Manufacturing

Our Custom Blow Molding Designs give our customers a more competitive edge with exclusive molds and finishing for a more distinctive look.


Actual Fruit Cup We have recently received awards for our Actual fruit cups!

NACD Award for Tom Lange, Bronze level

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Safe Packing Matters OSHA Hazcom/ (GHS) Internationally Recognized Communication Standards
by Lonnie Jaycox, Packaging Engineer, HAZPlus® more
CFR 49
CFR49 Interactive HMT
Fast Track to UN regulations for safe packaging with our CFR49 HMT table. Register or login for instant access.