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Labels for Bottles

Labels for bottles, what you need to know to help your package stand out from the competition. A label becomes the silent ambassador of your brand speaking directly to consumers at their point of purchase. Whether they are shopping in person at their local grocery store, or shopping online –…

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Press Release: HAZPlus® Debuts New Lithium Battery Packaging in Anticipation of PHMSA’s HM224-F Ruling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 10, 2015 NEW RULES CALL FOR NEW PACKAGING Due to HM224-F battery shippers must reevaluate packaging to ensure safety and compliance HAZPlus®, a St. Louis based hazardous materials packaging supplier has expanded its product line to offer stock and custom solutions that are compliant with HM224-F,…

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Dangerous Goods by Air

A Package Designer’s Observations about Docket HM-231A Background of HM-231A This rulemaking started with a public meeting (June 2007) to discuss the issue of combination packages leaking liquid hazardous materials in air shipments. The concern was based on incident data that was gathered over the previous decade, and analyzed and…

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